Friday, December 9, 2011

Time Management

I am a lover of blogs, and it always drive me CRAZY when I see people post about how they promise to post more, then they don't stick to that promise, then they make excuses. It just becomes one big mess of a cycle.

Now I get where they're coming from.

But on the flip side, HOW do some bloggers post daily and have their shit together? You know who I'm talking about. The ones who seemingly eat perfectly at every meal, run 5 days a week, have time for a work life, social life, and still manage to look like BOMBSHELLS.


This is where I need your help.

Work has been CRAZY for about a month now. I'm anticipating it being bad until about March. Hopefully, no later than that.

I work 10-7, and have no desire to do anything when I come home from work; nor do I have the energy or motivation to get out of bed in the morning to work out. I'm still trying to eat right, and I'm still taking good care of Bentley. I think I'm on the right timeline to plan a wedding? (Save the date! October 13, 2012!) I imagine I am maintaining a social life, but that's up for debate.

Just put me out of my misery.

I can't imagine how much more difficult time management will be once I have a husband and CHILDREN! If I can barely take care of myself five days a week as a singleton, how am I going to manage when I have a family?

So, my question to you is, HOW DO YOU DO IT? (Unless you look like that dude up there...I can manage that on my own!)