Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cop Out

Four signs it's been a (and will be another) stressful week.

No desire to cook, plan meals, or enjoy food (not that these aren't entirely enjoyable).

Hey, it's more variety than taking the same leftovers all week, am I right?

Hallelujah for four-day work weeks and a great friend's upcoming wedding!

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That's What She Said. said...

I find that Lean Cuisines are what stop me from cooking! They're easier in so many ways, plus they are pretty inexpensive--especially when you have coupons!

My favorites are the potatoes and broccoli in a cheddar sauce (I don't think that's exactly lean...or at least it's definitely not well-rounded) and Sesame Chicken! All of my co-workers tell me that my beloved Sesame Chicken Lean Luisines stink...oh well!

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