Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Have dog, will fly

Having a mom who works overseas has its advantages. Mostly, those advantages involve countless frequent flyer miles at her disposal. Mom is very generous with those free miles and she has flown my sisters, me, and Adam to Europe for free on several different occassions.

For Christmas this year, my mom happened to be in the US, so we all went to Houston for the week. Having co-dependency issues with Bentley, I wanted him to be able to come with us for Christmas. Who knows how well he would have been treated over Christmas at a kennel?!

So with my mom's frequenty flyer miles, Adam and my plane tickets to Houston were free. However, Continental charges a pretty penny to fly pups.

25,000 pretty pennies to be exact.

It was worth it, though! We had such a good time with him there. It's difficult leaving him at home, but I love to travel.

 That is one tired pup.

I'm not sure he feels the same way about travel. He did exceptionally on the flight and I'm fairly confident most people didn't even realize he was there as he is so quiet by nature. However, I know he was nervous, and in the end, I just want what's best for him, so I'm on the fence about flying with him in the future.

Though Bentley's ticket was a little pricey, having the advantage of a generous mother and completely free plane tickets for the humans in our party made the decision to fly him just a little easier.

How do you handle travel with pets? Have you ever flown with one?


That's What She Said. said...

One time my mom and my brother, David, were flying from Minneapolis to Indianapolis and they had to take my brother's cat, Alex, on the flight with them. David wanted to give Alex a treat for having to fly all day, so that morning he gave Alex a can of wet cat food. Alex is a long-haired flame point siamese, which translates to white fluffy fur, and he had never had wet cat food before. Halfway through the flight, Alex had diarrhea all over himself and inside his carrier! My mom and David took him to the bathroom and tried to wash him off in the sink (think about that for a minute--cats + water = bad times) and because he stunk so bad, David sprayed him with his cologne (think about that as D + cologne = nasty smell). Anyway, I think they decided they definitely will NOT be flying with a cat ever again.

Emily said...

That's horrifying, yet hilarious.

My mom had a difficult time flying with one of our cats once, but that's just because he got pissed off that she shoved him in a bag.

Amberh1982 said...

Y'all just made me laugh!! Did you enjoy Houston? that is where I'm from

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