Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How do you have a wedding without debt?

Of course I'm not asking that question. I know better.

This is actually the title of a Dave Ramsey post from the Dave Ramsey app (yes, I am THAT cool).

A woman calls in and asks him this very question and he tells her she sounds like a princess. I don't think she does; I think she was looking for an honest answer and she may have been clueless. However, it does beg the question: where does saving for a wedding fit in with a debt-reduction plan?

I think it boils down to priorities, here. At the beginning of this wedding planning process, I told Adam that I still DO want to be paying down my car loan as quickly as possible. I very much wanted this to be completely paid off by December 2012.

However, I don't see that happening. And this is okay. Instead of throwing all of my leftover money at the end of the month at my car payment, I am saving every last penny for our wedding.

In the long run, am I going to regret spending a little extra money on the most beautiful wedding gown I have ever laid eyes on? Or am I going to regret spending an extra couple months on paying off my car? 

We are incredibly fortunate in that our families have been very generous with wedding funds, so we don't have to save for EVERY bit of it. And I am SO looking forward to being married in October and becoming DINKs (then we can pay off TWO cars!).

So while I'm not stockpiling my earnings to pay off debt now (nor am I accumulating more debt), I am saving enough to have a memorable wedding with the expectation of coming into Holy Matrimony and finding the promised land of debt freedom!

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Nelly said...

It is possible to have a perfect wedding without getting into massive debt problems. All you need to do is curtail expenses in some areas. For instance, don’t invite everybody in your wedding. Invite only those people who are close to your heart. Next, don’t order a lavish wedding cake for your wedding. You can order a simple yet traditional cake for the special occasion. Most, importantly, don’t purchase a very expensive wedding gown. You’ll hardly wear it in your life. If you want your husband to stay out of debt, then ask him to not give you an expensive wedding gift.

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