Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Helpful Money-Saving Tip You Wish You Would Have Thought Of

See that? That's the center console in my car. And that's a quarter. That's my safe keeping spot for my Aldi quarter. Keeping it here means I never have to rummage around for a quarter for the shopping cart when I hit up Aldi!

Unless, of course, I spent it on a .25 Cherry Coke Zero from the vending machine at work. That, my friends, is worth every penny when 3:00 hits.

Happy Friday, everyone!


Stacey said...

I'm jealous. Our vending machine is 90 cents. Still worth every penny.

Funny story, though. Used to have a boss (the one who's position I took when he abruptly quit) who was pretty much addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. Not kidding, he'd drink at least a half dozen a day. All from the vending machine. (Um...he would have totally saved money buying 12 packs from the store, but whatever!) So now, I can no longer drink Diet Dr. Pepper because it reminds me of him. And even I cringe when I pop open the soda can. We're all pretty much scarred by that sound. I wish they'd change over to bottle machines.

Emily said...

Bottles would be neat!

I'd totally go buy a 12-pack, but I'm actually getting them cheaper out of the vending machine here!

Wonder if I could turn that over into a profit by selling them... ;)

Katy said...

Dear Cheese Emily,
in 10 months I will be FREEEEEEEEE from credit card debt!! And, thanks to you I've started the TMM :)

Emily said...

That's AWESOME! You'll feel so good when it's all gone :)

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