Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday

When I first started working out regularly a few years ago, I discovered indoor cycling, or as many of us know it, spinning. I think the most appealing thing for me is that I get to sit on my tush and still get an awesome workout. While I don't get to attend a class as often as I'd like, I've been trying my best to make it to Saturday morning classes as the 10:45 instructor is hilarious and plays the best music. Sometimes I even find myself dancing in my seat...

Here's my top five tips for anyone who's never gone to a spin class:

1. Bring a towel and PLENTY of water.
2. Go at your own pace. If your instructor tells you to add resistance and you're struggling, stay where you feel like you need to be. It's OKAY; you're not racing anyone but yourself!
3. Let the instructor know this is your first class so he or she can help you set up your bike.
4. Attend a class a good 2-3 times before you decide whether or not you'll never go again. In my experience, it takes that long for your bum to recover from that seat!
5. Have FUN!



Amanda said...

I used to spin a lot and really enjoyed it but that was when i was a member at LA Fitness. Now at the YMCA I haven't found an instructor that motivates me and makes the class feel like fun instead of torture. I did see a girl in one class that I went to bring in her own padded seat. If you have an instructor that has you on the seat a lot I would suggest one of those. My first instructor was not big on sitting so I never had a sore butt but other instructors sit a lot more. I might try and spin this Saturday at the Y next to my house. I haven't tried it there yet.

Reena the Diva said...

(((spinning))) and i'm with PP....the instructors here never have us sitting down so i never experienced the sore butt thing!!! havent spinned in soo long though, i need to go back!

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