Sunday, August 28, 2011

That Time I Went to My First Weight Watchers Meeting

I've been doing Weight Watchers online on and off since about 2007. Believe me, this ain't my first rodeo.

With 5-10 (depending on the time of day) MEASLY pounds left until I hit my healthy weight range, I am somehow losing all motivation and steam. Plus, looking at my future, I don't want to be dropping $17.95/month for all eternity to access Weight Watchers. I want to get to Lifetime and do Weight Watchers for free.

Enter Weight Watchers meetings.
Yes, I'll be paying $40 a month instead of $17.95, but I'm crossing my fingers that this will be the extra push I need every month. I don't want to be spending all that money and go nowhere on this thing! I feel like my health is definitely a worthy investment.

I've been looking forward to this meeting all week, yet very nervous. Are they going to think I'm too big? Not big enough? Too young? Most importantly, were they going to notice I haven't shaved my legs in 4 days?

No worries on that one, folks. I doubt anyone noticed.

I have to say, I really enjoyed the meeting! I felt like I was in school again, but for something I was actually interested in. The leader was very encouraging and positive, they didn't weigh you on some massive scale and shout out your weight, and it was great to see people from all walks of life there (older and younger, male and female) and there seemed to be people at every stage in their weight loss journey.

I'm really hoping this gives me the motivation I need to finally get to goal and lifetime. I feel like I've started all over again, but I don't have so far to go this time.

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