Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday

Favorite Workouts I'm Loving (or not cursing under my breath and kicking and screaming over) Right Now.

I've joined the ranks of many able-bodied women and have initiated myself into the New Rules of Lifting for Women club. If you're unfamiliar with the workout, this is a 6-month, no-fussin', this ain't your mamma's type of strength-training program. After years of lifting "Barbie" weights with The Firm, I decided I'd give this a go. Five weeks in, I'm loving it. Hereto, five weeks in, five NROLFW workouts I'm loving:

1. Swiss ball crunch. HOLYFREAKINGCOW can my ab muscles feel this one! I'm telling you, Jiggle-Free Abs, Abs of Steel, they got nothin' on this.

Oh, hello Mr. Abs. I'm glad to see that swiss ball crunch working for you.

2. The squat. What else is there to say? Who else is going to shape up my buns and thighs into working order? Nothing like the classic squat.

3. Deadlifts. This is the one move that I'm struggling with, yet I love. As a devoted Firm-ee since 2007, this program made me realize I've been doing deadlifts wrong. For 4 years. That explains my fanny, no? Yeah, it's either that or those s'mores brownies I set on fire (and I am STILL ENJOYING, thankyouverymuch).

They sure do start 'em early down here.

4. Step-ups. Come on! Any Firm graduate should have mastered these. Obviously, another awesome workout to tone the gluteus maximus. Obviously, something I want toned.  Enough said.

5. Cool down and stretch. (I'm totally counting it.)

Have YOU recently tried a new workout that you're loving? Share it!

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Sandra Bragg said...

All the talk on the boards have made me want to try this. I might need to cave and buy a copy once I get paid!

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