Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make it Count

Y'all, running is HARD.

Really hard.

Remember how I was all gung-ho about lifting weights with New Rules of Lifting for Women? Or at least how I pretended that I was?

After taking my measurements when I completed the first stage, I found that I had lost an inch. In two months. Sure, that's better than nothing; I could have gained inches, blah Blah BLAH! Sorry, but an inch in two months isn't good enough for me. Hell, when I was training for my half marathon in the spring, I lost 5 inches in my hips ALONE.

This brings me to my next point. I've decided I have to run. Observe.

This handy-dandy chart is a representation of 2011 from the perspective of my weight. I've weighed myself (almost) every Friday since January 7. I think there is a clear pattern going on here.

Run=lose weight and inches.
Don't run=get fat.

It's not rocket science.

So, despite not having a goal to work towards or a big race to run in the next few months, I've got to get back to running.

Tonight, though I got off work at 7pm, though I am working a 12-hour day tomorrow, and though I feel like I have beat the proverbial crap out of my emotional self from my lack of devotion to my health and wellness in the past couple months, I ran. I told myself I had 30 minutes. Not long at all, but if I only allowed myself 30 minutes, then I had to make it count. I intended to do 25 minutes of intervals, but having been so lax with my running routine since May, I had to take a few more breaks than I wanted.

A 13-minute mile. Not too bad considering, but I have so much room for improvement. Last year, my goals were only to complete my races (5k, 10k, 10-miler, and half-marathon). I think in the next few months, my goal will need to be to get FASTER. That way, when this rolls around in the spring:

I can show those hills who's boss and leave last year's time in the dust.

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