Monday, September 12, 2011

What's YOUR Grade?

I'll be the first to admit that exercise and I have serious commitment issues in our relationship. And yes, I fully take the blame for that. Exercise treats me so well and makes me feel good about myself, yet I can't commit fully to it. If it sounds like I need to call a relationship hotline, it's probably because I do.

Working 10-7, I thought I had landed the dream work schedule. I can wake up early, get my workout in, and still have plenty of time to eat breakfast and get ready for work! After work, I could do whatever I want because I wouldn't have to worry about my workout!

Let's be honest, when 6:30am rolls around and I look into the wonderful sleepy eyes of my pup, the last thing I do is want to get out of bed, much less wake him up.

Could YOU awake that sleeping baby?

Alas, I need to stop blaming Bentley for my lack of motivation in the morning.

This weekend, I talked to Adam about how I've always heard that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. If I'm doing the 80% (and in all honesty, how often am I doing that right?), then why do I care about the 20%?

The math teacher in him then advised me that if I'm only getting an 80%, then that's a C according to his district's grading standards. What a wake up call this was. If I want to be getting 100% out of this little merry-go-round, then I need to be putting in 100%!

Again, for me, the motivation to wake up at 6:30 to work out is not there. I am perfectly capable of waking up early and being at work on time since I will be held accountable at the office. However, I don't have anyone holding me accountable for my workout. So this week, we cut a deal. I get in my 3 New Rules of Lifting workouts (plus spin class on Saturday for good measure), then he takes me out for breakfast on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It could be a long week.

If you had to give yourself a diet+exercise grade, what would YOU give yourself?


♥ Allison said...

lately i give myself an F. i WILL change that to a B this week. i've never done 3 NROLFW work outs in a week - i will this week. we can do this!!!!

Amanda said...

I'd say a B. I workout at least 3-5x a week. Lately on the weekends I've been splurging but that's because we've had so many events to go to. This last weekend I did great though. You can do it. Can you get up at 7:00 and work out for 45-60 min and then be to work by 10?

Emily said...

I could totally do that, I just like to give myself plenty of time to take it easy and drink my coffee in the morning!

I made it this morning...2 more workouts for the week to go!

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